Last weekend’s magnificent seven

With the rain pouring outside, this weekend saw a staggering seven films watched. I say ‘staggering’ because I normally only see one or two a week! This now brings my total amount of films watched this year to 84 – thanks to Letterboxd for making it so easy for me to keep track on what I’ve been watching.

These seven films can only be described as a very mixed bag. Some were first time watches while some were re-watches, and some were action films while others were easy going romcoms. All were watched at home, with the exception of The Amazing Spider-Man, and I watched them either alone, with my boyfriend or with friends.

What did you watch this weekend?


REWATCH Zack and Miri Make a Porno (Dir: Kevin Smith, 2008)

Starring the fabulous Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks, Zack and Miri Make a Porno is the story of two friends who come up with a very extreme solution to their money troubles. Cue giggles aplenty as Rogen and Banks attempt to make their X-rated home video. Zack and Miri Make a Porno is both vulgar and sweet, and well worth a watch if you enjoy Rogen’s other films.



FIRST TIME The Amazing Spider-Man (Dir: Marc Webb, 2012)

This new imagining of Marvel’s arachnid hero sees Andrew Garfield don the blue and red spandex. Supported by his real-life girlfriend, Emma Stone, as Gwen Stacy, Garfield takes on the mysterious Dr Curt Connors, a revolutionary scientist exploring the possibility of cross species genetics. I’ll post a full review later in the week but The Amazing Spider-Man completely blew the previous Tobey Maguire imagining out of the water.


FIRST TIME The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (Dir: Bill Condon, 2011)

It might not be cool to admit it but I like The Twilight Saga. There, I’ve said it. I read the books and have enjoyed the films so far. They’re not the best films by a long stretch – and I can guarantee that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will never be Oscar fodder – but it’s perfect as something to watch in the background when you’ve got a few hours to kill.


FIRST TIME Crazy, Stupid, Love. (Dir: Glenn Ficarra, 2011)

With a cast featuring Steve Carell, Julianne Moore and Ryan Gosling, I had high hopes for this film. Happily, I was not disappointed and it was a great Saturday night film to watch with my boyfriend. After his wife (Moore) reveals that she wants an affair, Cal (Carell) quickly finds that his ‘perfect’ life is unravelling. Cue a mysterious, womanising stranger (Gosling) who takes Cal under his wing.



FIRST TIME Hanna (Dir: Joe Wright, 2011)

There are many, many things to like about Hanna, not least the fact that this blood thirsty, high action film is directed by the man who brought us Atonement and Pride and Prejudice! Saoirse Ronan takes the title role of Hanna, a 16-year-old raised by her father to be the perfect assassin. What ensues is a story of revenge and discovery as Hanna finds out the truth of her existence.


FIRST TIME My Summer of Love (Dir: Pawel Pawlikowski, 2004)

I stumbled across this film on BBC iPlayer and decided to watch it for one very simple reason: Emily Blunt. Blunt is quickly becoming one of my favourite actresses, and I’m not going to miss an opportunity to see one of her films. Blunt teams up with Natalie Press in this British film set in the Yorkshire countryside, which follows the lives of two young women from different warps of life who come together.


REWATCH Letters to Juliet (Dir: Gary Winick, 2010)

Like The Twilight SagaLetters to Juliet is one of those easy going, light hearted films that will never win a myriad awards but is perfect to watch when you want want to unwind. It’s not a classic romcom along the lines of Pretty Woman and Sleepless in Seattle but Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Egan provide some happy escapism in this film inspired by the love letters that people send to Shakespeare’s Juliet in Verona.


9 thoughts on “Last weekend’s magnificent seven

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  1. That’s a lot of movie watching. I only managed 3 this weekend 😉

    Nice to see the love for Hanna, which I really loved. I’m not ready to see the new Spiderman movie yet, so probably catch that one once it’s out on DVD.

    1. Trust me, seven in a week is unheard of for me, let alone seven in one weekend! What did you see?

      I wasn’t sure what to expect with Hanna but I really enjoyed it. Ronan, Bana and Blanchett were spot on and I loved the music.

      1. I misread it then, thought it was in one weekend 😉 I regularly clock 7 in a week. As for this weekend I watched two documentaries: A Man Named Pearl, which is an inspiring doc about a guy who has made this amazing garden without any gardening knowledge and Special When Lit, which is about the world of pinball machines. Yesterday evening I watched a Dutch kids movies (with the kids) called Tony 10 which is about a boy who’s parents have relationship issues because his father is seeing another woman and him trying to fix it. They were all quite enjoyable.

  2. Hi, Claire and company:

    I hope you didn’t exceed your popcorn consumption for the week! 🙂

    Zach and Miri Make a Porno is kind of goofy fun. Seth Rogen has great delivery and even better timing!

    Spiderman sounds a bit too CGI heavy for my tastes. Though the Lizard has always been an under rated Super Villain. Also notably absent is JK Simmons’ J.Jonah Jameson.

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Sorry, I’m a guy who has little use for twinkyly, sparkly werewolves.

    Emily Blunt can do very little wrong. Am I the only one who believes that British actresses have it all over their less talented sisters across the pond? Would love to have Kenneth Branagh utilize her in some future Shakespeare project!

    1. Hi Jack,

      Great to hear from you, hope you’re well.

      Emily Blunt in something Shakespearian would be fantastic! She’s proving to be a very versatile actress, though she excels at being the slightly psycho type girl.

      Seth Rogen is another actor who I love to see on screen. I was a little disappointed with Observe and Report, which I saw the other week. I still need to see him and JGL in 50/50.

  3. Films are perfect for those rainy days!

    I was really disappointed with Zack and Miri – I like the cast but Kevin Smith just isn’t as god when he’s playing away from the View Askew universe.

    Crazy, Stupid, Love was a real surprise – I enjoyed it. Hanna was great too!

    1. I’m not that familiar with Kevin Smith films – I’ve only seen Dogma – so I can’t really compare Zack and Miri to his other works.

      I agree with you about Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was a big surprise! I kinda dismissed it as ‘just a romcom’, which was why I didn’t rush to see it. Hanna was excellent!

  4. Hi Claire, nice selections here. I guess rainy days make for great movie-viewing, it’s been crazy HOT where I am now. Glad to see you praising Amazing Spiderman, I enjoyed it too mostly because of the leading cast, I’ve been a big fan of Andrew’s work and he again did not disappoint here. LOVE that kid. I still like a lot of things about Raimi’s versions though, but I do like Garfield better as both Peter and Spidey.

    I also enjoyed Letters to Juliet quite a bit, the setting in Verona is almost a character in itself. Soooo beautiful!

    1. Ooh, Ruth, you do make me jealous! We’re having one of the worst summers here in the UK. I want to wear my summer dresses but it’s just too cold!

      I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man. As I’ve just said it my review, I didn’t have any expectations really but it was really, really great.

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