[Musical Monday] Come With Me

Morning, everyone. I hope you’ve all had lovely weekends.

This blog has taken a back seat recently while I’ve adjusted to my new job and living back home. I’m planning on writing some blog posts tonight – including my long overdue James Bond reviews – so keep tuned for some new posts soon.

Instead of driving to work, I now take the train in. After years of neglect, my iPod has now become my new best friend. Since starting my new job last week I’ve been listening to a huge range of music, including the fantastic Led Zeppelin.

Led Zep’s music has been used and adapted in many films, including David Fincher’s recent adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where Karen O and Trent Reznor covered ‘Immigrant Song’.

Rightly or wrongly, whenever I hear Led Zep’s ‘Kashmir’ I think of Roland Emmerich’s 1998 sci-fi disaster film Godzilla, where the song was sampled in Puff Daddy’s ‘Come With Me’.

Led Zep’s original is fantastic but I think it was used to great effect in Godzilla. Led Zep’s Jimmy Page, who co-wrote the song, must have thought it suited the film as he made an appearance in the video and some live performances.

What do you reckon? Was this well-known guitar riff a good choice for the disaster flick?

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  1. Welcome back Claire! I’m a massive fan of The Led, and while I like the recent cover of Immigrant Song for TGWTDT, I bummed hard when I first heard this travesty of a cover of Kashmir. One of the reasons I was so excited about Sucker Punch was that When the Levee Breaks was used in the trailer. Shame it wasn’t in the film, and the film didn’t live up to expectations! Seems like Led Zeppelin are becoming trendy in film scores.

    1. Thanks, Russ!

      I’m sensing a new post here, all about Led Zep songs in film. When I was going home last night Immigrant Song came on and it reminded me in Shrek the Third with Snow White:

  2. I quite liked this song when Godzilla was first released but I have to admit that it doesn’t work now quite as well since I’ve absorbed Led Zep’s work over the last few years.

    Hope the new job is going well Claire.

  3. I was struggling to remember this song, so I’m really glad you posted it! I was talking to my other half about the song from Godzilla (meaning this one) and he kept talking about Jamiroquai’s Deeper Underground!

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Led Zep although I am coming to appreciate the music a lot more, mainly because the songs being used more and more frequently in cinema – which is never a bad thing in my opinion!

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