[Musical Monday] Fanfare, please

In honour of last night’s Golden Globes Awards ceremony, I thought I’d put the spotlight on some of the film studios that bring us the films we love.

Whenever I hear Fox’s fanfare I get shivers down my spine: I’m where I want to be, in the cinema, and I’m about to be transported to another world. Saying that, I get shivers when I hear Universal’s as well. I’d say that the most iconic main title is either Fox’s or Universal’s, but what do you think?

Make sure you watch Walt Disney’s main title and make your inner child happy. A brilliant, crescendoing fanfare, I associate it with the whole of the Disney family rather than just the films. Disneyland Paris is one of my favourite places on Earth and hearing this always brings back memories of happy holidays there.

20th Century Fox

Universal Pictures

Columbia Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures

Warner Bros Pictures

PS, Paramount’s beautiful snow capped mountain had to make an appearance, even though there is usually no set tune that accompanies it.

14 thoughts on “[Musical Monday] Fanfare, please

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      1. …of course! I love this one also.

        …I managed to answer a pub question recently related to this when everyone else on the team didn’t know the answer…

        …the questions was something like: In the Dreamworks ident what is the little boy doing..?

  1. I love these Claire. The music alone gets the butterflies jumping!

    My favourite…tough one…but I’d stump for Universal..!

    Oh, did you watch the Golden Globes on E! – the coverage was appalling and that is being kind. I’m just thankful I was watching it on Sky+ and could flick through the adverts but they managed to cut most speeches in the middle so the cause was lost anyway. Terrible!

    1. For me it’s still a toss up between 20th Century Fox and Universal… I can’t decide!

      No, I haven’t seen any coverage. We only got the freeview channels when we had the switchover, we were still on five channels before that 😛 It’s disappointing to hear that they cut the speeches. It’s an awards ceremony, you have to hear them!

      1. …you didn’t miss anything. Gervais was rubbish – hopefully he’ll be dumed for next year. They should get Colin Firth to host, he’s a hoot!

  2. Different logos mean different things to me. 20 Century Fox = Star Wars; Universal = Gladiator (for some reason), and Paramount = Transformers simply because there are cool transformer noises as the stars rush out to the mountain.

    I also really love the THX logo when it was in the style of T2: the transportation sphere that becomes the logo, which then shatter like the T1000 being shot, before melting and reforming; fantastic!

    I love it when logos become part of the film.

    1. Yes, I love it when the studio’s main title is incorporated into the film, even if it’s just something small like turning the font into something else.

      I agree with you about different titles meaning different things to you. New Line Cinema = The Lord of the Rings, for me.

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