Happy birthday, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring!

10 years ago today something magical was released in cinemas across the UK, something that would take thousands of people on a fantastic journey where wizards, elves and dwarves roamed the earth, and where a certain hobbit was throwing a very special birthday party…

That’s right, 10 years ago today The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring hit our screens. Join me all this week as I celebrate Peter Jackson’s magnificent films, and watch out for a special, personal look at the trilogy on Friday with a post that some of you may have read before.

Kicking off the special posts is today’s Musical Monday, which is about the The Lord of the Rings scores.

The scores were composed by Howard Shore and featured, among others, the vocal talents of Enya, Emilíana Torrini and Annie Lennox.

Shore, who is also famous for his work on The Silence of the LambsThe Departed and Eastern Promises, has confirmed that he will be working on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back.

When it comes to the individual tracks there is one that I love more than the others: Enya’s May It Be, which was nominated for the 2001 Academy Award for Best Original Song.

It’s a beautiful piece of music and Enya’s voice fits the song, and film, perfectly. I’m not sure what gives me the goosebumps I get every time I hear it, it could be Enya’s voice or it could be the lyrics. Whatever it is, it’s a fantastic song.

Another piece of music that always give me goosebumps is The Bridge of Khazad-dûm… It features the Fellowship’s theme, which is heard in many different forms throughout the trilogy. Whenever I hear this I picture exactly what is happening in the pivotal scene.

  • What is your favourite track from the trilogy?

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring!

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  1. I’m hardly surprised that you’re doing a piece like this, but good stuff! I love the films and will look forward to your posts everyday.

    As for favourite track, that’s tricky. I love Into the West, and when you first hear the beginning of the tune as Bilbo arrives in Hobbiton before his journey to the Grey Havens, I always get a lump in my throat. But I also love “A journey in the Dark” and the way that the music swells as Gandalf lights up Dwarrodelf. Maybe Evenstar actually, that’s wonderful. Though, my phone plays “Ride of the Rohirrim” to wake me up every morning!

    Yeah, sorry, I really don’t know!

  2. Fantastic post for Musical Monday!!

    I love the tracks you listed today.

    aside from the theme, I also enjoy “In Dreams” and “Gollum’s Song!” I think those are my additional faves!!

  3. I’m with Castor – I need a return to LOTR marathon soon too. Maybe in the new year! I remember seeing Fellowship the day it came out and (like the rest of us) couldn’t believe just how awesome it was. But perhaps even more than that, was the excited buzz I got when I realized that there were still two more awesome films to come….

    And now we get the same thing with The Hobbit! Love it!

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