[Musical Monday] The Breakfast Club

This week’s Musical Monday post is from a classic 1980s film, The Breakfast Club.

When I’m driving long distances I like to listen to either 1990s dance music or 1980s pop.  I like something I can sing along to.

This week on the drive to work I have been enjoying the vocal delights of British rocker Billy Idol – well, he wakes me up in the mornings! One of the live tracks on the album is a cover of Simple Minds’  hit song from The Breakfast Club, Don’t You Forget About Me.

With its uptempo beat and catchy tune, I thought it’d be a perfect choice for a Musical Monday post. Whether you liked the film or not, enjoy this fantastic slice of 1980s pop!

6 thoughts on “[Musical Monday] The Breakfast Club

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  1. Dudette… you just touched a nerve with this one!! OMG!! It is my film of my formative years… Brilliant.

    I saw Simple Minds at Wembley when I was 16. Awesome night

  2. I totally love this band and the movies from the 80’s. I was born in the 80’s and since I have obsessively sought out what all was happening in the decade I was born, I found the most brilliant films, music, and news. I have to say, the 80’s was an awesome time! Thanks for the nostalgia trip!

  3. Speaking of not forgetting…I forgot to send you pics of our snow escapades here last week. my bad. I’ll do that here soon!

    Love 80s soundtracks! Nice pick for today! as always!

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