[Musical Monday] Requiem for A Dream

Following on from the very jolly Musical Monday posts on The Magnificent Seven and Jurassic Park, this week’s Musical Monday takes a look at a much darker film, Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for A Dream, and it’s recurring theme, Clint Mansell’s Lux Æterna.

I first saw Requiem for A Dream about a year ago. However, I’d known about this song a long, long time before. I knew it was from Requiem for A Dream and, though I didn’t at that point know what the film was about, I thought that the song was very powerful and dark.

Lux Æterna is an intense song that is very haunting, and suits the mood of Aronofsky’s dark drama perfectly.

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  1. Although I watched the movie I don’t remember it’s music (don’t worry, that happens a lot with me and movies). I like the feeling of this one though because this song has been in my head for ages and I never knew what it was! I kept hearing it in commercials and could hum the tune but it was frustrating to not being able to find out what it was. Thanks for finally giving me the answer! Has made the beginning of the week very good!

  2. Many people I know will never watch this film again because it affected them so much. I ended up doing a nine page study on it. I loved the movie even though it is a difficult watch. Great music selection.

  3. My turn Claire. I’ve never seen Requiem for a Dream, though it’s on my LOVEFiLM list! However, I do love the tune; I listen to it quite a lot as it is on my random orchestral soundtrack playlist!

    1. It definitely is worth a watch and Jared Leto is very impressive in the lead role. I like the sound of your soundtrack playlists! I really need to update my iTunes and get some more classic soundtracks.

  4. I love this song, but I actually think there are other tracks on the soundtrack that are equally, if not more, powerful. There is one hauntingly beautiful but very simple track called GHOSTS OF A FUTURE LOST which I recommend you look up on YouTube. Clint Mansell is a musical genius. His other soundtracks are all amazing too.

    1. Yes! I heard that one when I was listening to Mansell’s tracks on YouTube while writing this. The whole soundtrack is very atmospheric. The soundtrack is always important in every film but Mansell really did do a terrific job with Requiem for a Dream. It matches the mood perfectly.

  5. this does indeed belong in the archives of Musical Mondays because it is such an iconic soundtrack/theme!

    a dark choice that is a delight on the list. So many people know it, as evident from all of the comments!

    As usual, another great pick! Nice work!

  6. Never has a piece of music so perfectly accompanied a film like this – possibly the greatest marriage of sound and visuals since John Williams’ Jaws score, if you ask me.

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