Memorabilia 2011

A stormtrooper on the RS Prop Masters stand.

When I went to Memorabilia last year it was my very first visit to the event, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Dubbed the ‘ultimate collectors’ show’ by the organizers, the MCM Expo Group, I thought there might be the odd person dressed up and that the majority of the stalls would have new toys.

Happily, I was wrong. There were quite a few people dressed up – mostly Star Wars characters – and there was lots and lots of fantastic vintage toys. You can read my Memorabilia 2010 report here.

This year, it was even better.

There was a huge amount of stalls – more than last year, I think – that were packed full with a host of vintage toys, modern toys, comics and annuals, t-shirts, poster, signed photographs and lots, lots more.

Fantastic vintage lightsabers by Kenner.

Items ranged in value from a couple of pounds for an unboxed, action figure to £125 for a boxed Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters and £160 for a 1/8 scale limited edition collectable figure of the Green Goblin from Spiderman 3. With replica costumes and swords for sale I’m sure there were even more expensive item…

Some of my favourite vintage toys for sale included these lightsabers by Kenner. These original toys would have been produced in the late 1970s to coincide with the release of the Star Wars trilogy.

As you may know from my earlier posts, I’m a fan of movie memorabilia, models and toys. I especially like vintage toys, like the Kenner lightsabers, because the boxart is so fantastic.

I took nearly 80 photos from the event so I’ve uploaded just a small selection below. Click on the image and it should bring it up larger. Enjoy!

PS. This was one of my favourite moments from the show, which I just had to take a picture of: the Doctor meets R2-D2!

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  1. Hi, Claire:

    Very nostalgic topic. Well worth the read!

    I’d visited a small Con back in the early 1980s at the Key Bridge Mariott
    Hotel, just outside Washington, DC.

    Was blown away by the imagination of countless people my age then, give or take five years in easily and not so easily recognizable costumes.

    Was also amazed at the number of girls in their Tom Baker, Doctor Who regalia. Nearly all with long hand knitted scarves and a week’s supply of Jelly Babies.

    Remember: ‘R2 D2 is a Renegade Dalek!’.

    1. Thanks, Jack 🙂 Doctor Who was certainly the most people person to go as. It’s moved on from Tom Baker to David Tennant and Matt Smith!

      These kind of things are always fun to attend even if you aren’t to quite the same level of geekiness as others attending.

    1. Oh wow, enjoy! I can’t believe they have three full size prop spaceships! They’re going to be MASSIVE!

      It is every geek’s dream and luckily I get to cover it as press for my magazine 😀

  2. Nice to see. I’d probably be interested to go to one of these just to walk around and see what was being sold and people dressing up. Probably wouldn’t be buying anything though…

    1. No, we didn’t pay anything either. Like you said, it’s fun to go to just walk around and take in the atmosphere. There was some really great stuff but nothing I particularly wanted.

  3. You know that this kinda freaks me out. I like ot keep my inner geek hidden, but I am proud of others that can embrace it…just not for me.

    Glad you had a great time though!

  4. …My friend has a huge collection of Star Wars stuff. My only claim to fame is a single, boxed Alien figure from the film Aliens. But I will have to take a picture of his LOTR collection for you Claire…if there’s one person other than him that will appreciate it, it’s you! lol! 🙂

      1. Oh wow, great film, Dan!

        I saw lots of Craig’s Star Wars figures at Memorabilia. The original Kenner figures can fetch quite a bit of money. I should do an interview with him for my collecting mags! Thanks for directing me to it 😀

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