Happy birthday, Roland Emmerich!

Today – 10th November – is the 56th birthday of the Lord of Mayhem, the Emperor of Destruction, the fantastic Roland Emmerich.

So, why did Empire magazine call Emmerich the Master of Disaster in an interview with the German film maker a few years ago? Let’s take a look at some of credits on his CV:

  • 1992 Universal Soldier – director
  • 1994 Stargate director, writer
  • 1996 Independence Day director, writer, producer
  • 1998 Godzilla director, writer, producer
  • 2000 The Patriot – director, producer
  • 2002 Eight Legged Freaks – producer
  • 2004 The Day After Tomorrow director, writer, producer
  • 2008 10,000 BC director, writer, producer
  • 2009 2012 director, writer, producer
  • 2011 Anonymous – director, producer

Out of those 10 films, the majority are adrenaline-fulled, high-action, disaster flicks – he certainly likes his action films! The odd ones of the bunch would be The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson as a farmer who is driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution when a sadistic British officer murders his son, and Anonymous, which suggests that Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford, penned William Shakespeare’s plays.

However, both do feature fairly ‘earth-shattering’ themes; the murder of your child would certainly bring your world crashing down as would suggesting that a famous playwright was, in fact, a fraud.

Out of Emmerich’s films I’d have to say that Independence Day and Godzilla are my favourites. I’ve always had a soft spot for Universal Soldier, too. Though it’s only ranked 21% on Rotten Tomatoes, I find it a thoroughly entertaining film to watch. However, it isn’t Emmerich’s lowest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes, 10,000 BC takes that honour, which I’ve never seen. The Patriot takes the top spot with a reasonable 62%.

  • What’s your favourite Emmerich flick?

8 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Roland Emmerich!

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  1. Didn’t know he also directed Universal Soldier, that’s enough reason to wish him a happy birthday! I watched that movie so much when it came out!

  2. Wow, that’s quite a list. It’s interesting that the Patriot is the highest rated one, as I HATE that movie. My favorites of his are Stargate, Independence Day, and The Day After Tomorrow, but they all are pretty hokey and don’t have great scripts. Still, he keeps rolling along.

  3. Hi, Claire and company:

    I liked ‘Universal Soldier’.

    A decent, medium budgeted B-Movie that kind of set the tone for Emmerich’s career of throwing high end special effects money at a so-so idea. Very much in the vein of schlockmeister Larry Cohen and a predecessor of ludicrous Michael Bay.

    Happy Birthday, Roland!

  4. It’s more of a guilty pleasure thing but my fave has got to be ID4, still fun after all this years. I’m curious about The Patriot, gotta see that for Heath Ledger alone!

  5. I was sure I’d already commented on this. My favourite Emmerich film is Independence Day…I can watch that film on repeat! He’s a director who likes to spend a lot of money which is okay if it pays off on screen like in Independence Day and to a lesser extent Godzilla. But his films have gone down hill a bit lately.

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