Recent rumblings from Middle-earth…

If ever I’m in need of cheering up, several things usually work: music, a guilty pleasure like Labyrinth or some comedy clips on YouTube – anything by Michael McIntyre gets me in fits of giggles.

For several reasons, the last couple of weeks have been quite difficult. I found a welcome distraction in the form of a series of The Lord of the Rings outtakes on YouTube. Being the LOTR fangirl that I am – thanks, Max! – I thought I knew most of the stories from the set. After watching the clips, however, I learnt all about the ‘Gollum juice’ that Andy Serkis drank to maintain that unique voice plus the way that the stuntmen and Viggo used to greet eachother…

My trip to Middle-earth didn’t stop there, though. On 4th November, Peter Jackson posted the fourth production video from the set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again.

I’m not really a fan of 3D but the way Peter described it, I really can’t wait to see the films in 3D. I hope the experience will be as great as Peter promises!

That wasn’t not the only news from New Zealand. Quint over at Ain’t It Cool News posted his second report from the set of the films on 5th November. From now on, Quint is to be known as Fredegar Chubb, a name that he received from this site, The Hobbit Name Generator.

Check out Ain’t It Cool News to find out why Quint needed a hobbit. By the way, my hobbit name is Daisy Danderfluff, while my elvish name is Idril Tinehtelë. I’ve got to say, my hobbit name is rather cute!

6 thoughts on “Recent rumblings from Middle-earth…

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  1. I too am very excited to see The Hobbit! Oh man I can’t wait.

    wow! I LOVE those name generators!

    My Hobbit name is Togo Took of Great Smials

    My Elvish name is Mablung Tîwele

    what fun!!!

  2. Is it just me or PJ is gaining a bit of weight again since he started filming The Hobbit? 😀 Maybe he’s just happy being on the set, ahah.

    Btw, my Elvish name is Esmereldat Tighfield of Tookbank. WHOA!!!

    1. I think he has too, Ruth. Now he’s a bit more rounded he’s back to looking very hobbit like!

      That is a very impressive name! The problem with the elvish names are that they are unpronounceable! 😛

      Btw, I looked up PJ’s and his hobbit name is Wilibald Brandybuck of Buckland while his elvish one is Golradir of Dorthonion!

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