Houdini’s Magic Ticket

When I was invited to take part in the Houdini’s Magic Ticket blog-a-thon, which is being hosted by Top 10 Films, I was very excited. Previously, the only blog-a-thon I have taken part in is Fandango Groover’s LAMMY award-winning A Life in Movies. Over 50 bloggers took part and the posts made for very interesting reading. You can find my post here. I had great fun making my list and it’s something I’d like to do again in the future.

So, to the Houdini’s Magic Ticket blog-a-thon.

Dan’s invitation listed eight questions with the suggestion that you could answer each of them or answer one in more depth. He also suggested writing a post where you could look at one or several films you’d love to be magically transported into and the reasons why plus film or two you that you would dread being transported into.

After some consideration, I decided to tackle the eight questions. So, fasten your seatbelts as we take a journey with my Houdini’s Magic Ticket…

What character would you most like to be sat next to on a place?

Several characters come into my mind but I think I’m going to go for Captain Jack Sparrow. My reasons are three-fold. Firstly, I think he’d be great company. After sailing the seas for many years – and getting into lots of trouble – I’m sure he’d have lots of fantastic stories to tell. Secondly, if the plane was to get in trouble I have every confidence that he would be able to rescue me – he did take on a Kraken after all so I’m sure he’d be able to fight off other sea creatures. Lastly, if we were to make it to a desert island I know we would be able to make it back to civilization. He did make a raft out of sea turtles, don’t you know?

What character would you most want to enjoy a passionate romance with?

If I had to get a little hot under the collar with somebody then it would probably have to be Johnny Castle. After writing my recent Favourites Friday post on Dirty Dancing I started thinking about what a great character Johnny is. Though seemingly cocky and arrogant, Johnny has a heart of gold. He’s extremely talented, too. On the physical side of things he is very attractive and has a wonderful body – all those years of dancing have definitely paid off!

If you were a cop who would you want as your partner?

John McClain, Mike Lowrey, Axel Foley… It’s hard to decide on just one! I think I’d go for Lieutenant Frank Bullitt. If I were to lose my head and start panicking, Bullitt would remain calm and collected. I know that I could rely on him when it came to the driving, too.

What animated feature would you love to walk around in?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? would be first choice, though it is only part animation. It would be so strange to walk around and see ‘toons’ walking, talking, going on about their day as well. This version of America in the late 1940s looks pretty fun, too.

If that film doesn’t count then I’d go for Shrek. With fairy tale characters in abundance I think I’d have a great time walking about – it really would be a trip to far, far away.

What adventure based on earth would you most like to go on or what adventure based in an otherworldly, fantasy-based location would you most like to go on? 

Sooner or later The Lord of the Rings trilogy just had to make an appearance… For my adventure I’d like to join Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli as they try to track down Merry and Pippin. With this question I though it would be a good idea to play to my strengths: I’m a horse rider, I’ve reasonably okay at archery (I’ve had a few attempts) and I know the ins and outs of Middle-earth pretty well. All in all I think I’d be a pretty good addition to the rescue team.

What movie gadget would you love to try out (or steal)?

The sci-fi geek in me wants to say a lightsaber, but for more ‘practical’ reasons I think I’m going to go for James Bond’s ‘Little Nellie’. Used by Bond (Sean Connery) in You Only Live Twice, Little Nellie is a gyroplane that can be assembled and disassembled to fit into several small cases. Though it comes with rocket launchers, air mines, machine guns, rear-mounted flamethrowers and infrared-guided AA smart missiles, I’d use it to go to work, shopping, visit friends… Maybe fire the odd missile at someone I didn’t like!

What film’s plot would you alter and how would you do it?

This has got to be the hardest question to answer… While I’m sure there have been many films that I enjoyed right until the last 15 minutes or so, I can’t really think of any now. One of the most obvious things to change would be in Titanic: Rose and Jack could have shared the flotation device, taken it in turns or found another one!

Unfortunately, I think this is one I’ll have to come back to…

What one film would you most want to be transported into, simply to be a part of that world?

Oh wow, this is a tough question but purely because there are so many I’d like to be part of: The Grid from TRON: Legacy, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, the magical world of Harry Potter and, of course, Middle-earth. If I did just have the one ticket then I would kick myself forever if I didn’t choose to go to Middle-earth. As many of you know, The Lord of the Rings trilogy is my absolute favourite cinematic work. You can find out a bit more about my love for it here.

I’ve always thought that I would be best suited as an elf, as my family and friends can tell you. I could quite happily make my home at Lothlórien or Rivendell. Riding my trusty steed – without a saddle, of course, as elves don’t use them – I would travel to Hobbiton, Gondor and Rohan, visiting those old heroes known as ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’.

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  1. What a coincidence, watched The Last Action Hero last week and in my review, which will be up on Friday, I asked the same question.

    Haven’t got answers on these questions yet, but if I find some time to do it I will write one too.

    You have made some interesting choices, especially for the gadget 🙂

  2. Oooh Johnny Castle, he sure is sexy! And that man can dance, my goodness!

    Hey, I picked John McClane too as my cop partner, I mean I just love Die Hard. Another pick for LOTR, I figure that’d be a popular one. I almost pick that too but I feel that I’m not up for all that walking, ahah.

    1. It’d be great to get all the famous movie cops in one room together! It’d be hilarious!

      I know what you mean about all that walking, perhaps I’d join them after they’d run into Eomer 😛

  3. I definitely wouldn’t mind a dance lesson from Johnny Castle. And I totally forgot about Titanic. I want Rose and Jack to live and get married and go on all those adventures together.

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks for your comment 🙂

      Dance lessons from Johnny would be fantastic!

      I wonder how different the film would have been if Rose died and Jack survived…

  4. A great list Claire!! I like that mentions of Tron Legacy and Alice in Wonderland for worlds to live in!

    Oh, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit counts! 🙂

    1. Believe it or not, Alice in Wonderland creeps me out. I find the whole story freakishly horrific, I always have done since I was a child.

  5. Great choice for number one Claire – Captain Jack would definitely make me laugh. Although his drunken antics would probably end up with his head in your lap!

    …back to Dirty Dancing for Q2 – would this romance include the free “dancing” lessons!

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit definitely crossed my mind for Q4.

    Nice to see Lord of The Rings feature so prominently Claire. It is going to be tough trying to get you back from Middle Earth to let someone else use the magic ticket! 😉

    …very creative answers by the way. Nice one! I think this blogathon was a little more difficult as everyone had to be quite imaginative with their answers.

    1. I think you might be right about Captain Jack. I bet he’s a snorer 😛

      Hahaha, I’m sure I’d have lots of dancing lessons, both normal and ‘dirty’.

      Thanks, Dan. Some questions were harder to answer than others and I only wanted to choose films that I had seen. It was very fun to put together, though, and yes, it will be very hard to get me back from Middle-earth! 😉

  6. Yaay…we will meet in Middle Earth and you will be tracking me down because I chose to be with Pippin and Merry 😉
    If that world can really be visited, I don’t think I want to come back…I love trees.

    Jack Sparrow is a great choice…but I don’t know how he feels on plane…I mean he never seen a plane before

    1. I will see you there, Novroz! I think it’d be difficult to get me to come back, too.

      I’m not sure how Jack would find the plane but I’m sure he’d enjoy flirting with the air hostesses! 😛

  7. Make sure Jack Sparrow takes a good shower and scrubs everywhere before he gets to sit next to you on the plane. He looks like he stinks ahah 😀 I might join in on the blogathon, looks like fun!

    1. Hahaha, I think you’re quite right, Castor. His hair doesn’t look that great either 😛

      Have you joined in? I need to catch up on everyone else’s blogs, will hopefully take a look tonight.

  8. HAHA Great list Claire. I am still upset that I didn’t time manage more effectively and get this done. Ah well

    I expected more Lord of the Rings….:-)

    1. Hehehe I couldn’t make it too Rings related 😛

      I did enjoy writing this post, and Andy’s ‘A Life in Movies’ before it. I might try and knock some of my own questions together and do one!

  9. Man, I totally forgot abouyt Roger Rabbit. That is an awesome film, and I would LOVE to wander around in it for a while! Good pick!!!

    1. Hi Rodney, thanks for your comment! It would be super strange and surreal, I think. Imagine walking down the street and seeing Baby Herman – how odd would that be! A middle-aged man in a baby’s body 😛

  10. Sat next to Jack Sparrow seem fun, must be hilarious. He probably would drink all the time (maybe). I agree with being in Harry Potter world must be great, being a Hogwarts student. Nice picks 🙂

    1. I think I’d only like to join the HP world if I was magical – it’d be rubbish if you were a muggle as everything would be the same! It’d be fantastic to take a walk around Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley 😀

  11. I really enjoyed your picks, Claire. The James Bond gadget would be totally fun to try out and being in the world of Roger Rabbit would be a hoot!

    But most of all I agree with you about Middle Earth. That would be a wonderful place to visit, once everything has calmed down and Aragorn is crowned. I could not have lived through the adventurous part, though. Too sad and too scary! You are stronger than I am. Thanks for your list!

  12. I’ve often (too often, perhaps) pondered what would have happened had Jack lived in “Titanic.” Would he and Rose have grown old and stayed happy together? I don’t know. I just don’t know. I can’t bear the thought of Jack & Rose getting divorced in their 50’s. Sometimes tragedies really are for the best.

    Nice list!

    1. Hmm, it’s interesting you say that. What would have happened if Jack had lived and Rose was the one who had died? While they both affected each other I’d say that Jack had more of a difference on Rose’s life. If they hadn’t of met then she would have married Cal and probably been very unhappy…

      1. I was wondering….what if Cameron had made Titanic and actually didn’t make the ship sink? Now that would be a very unexpected twist 😉

      2. I like the idea of the ship not sinking. Very cool twist. Almost as if to say there had been a secret maiden voyage before the fatal “maiden” voyage.

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