[Favourites Friday] Dirty Dancing

Following on from last time’s Favourites Friday post on Footloose, I’m going to carry on the dancing theme. This month’s post, on Dirty Dancing, is dedicated to my grandmother, More Nan, who passed away last night, aged 87. For many years she used to go ballroom dancing – up until about five or so years ago she was still dancing. Her claim to fame was once having a dancing with Richard Attenborough!

Dirty Dancing (1987)Dirty Dancing (1987)

Director: Emile Ardolino
Starring: Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey

When I think of Dirty Dancing there are many things that spring to mind: that scene in the lake, that line about a watermelon and that line about a corner.

The film is about Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman, and the summer spent with her family vacationing at Kellerman’s, in 1963. She knows exactly what she wants to do with her life: after attending Mount Holyoke College to study economics of underdeveloped countries she plans to join the Peace Corps.

After being invited to one of the secret after-hours parties held by the entertainment staff, Baby observes a different, sexier, kind of dancing, led by the resort’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle.

On finding out that Johnny’s dance partner, Penny, is pregnant, Baby suggests that she takes Penny’s place in the annual dance that Johnny and Penny take part in at a nearby resort. To get Baby up to Penny’s standard is going to take a lot of work. Cue a lot of practice, and a lot of tension and romance.

I can’t give just the one reason why I love Dirty Dancing so much, there’s many, many reasons why I do. I love the dancing, the music and the fact that is isn’t ‘soppy’ romance. And, of course, Patrick Swayze is wonderful as Johnny.

Dirty Dancing is quite a girly film but it’s a wonderful, feel good flick with a great soundtrack that will have your foot tapping long before the end credits start to roll.

9 thoughts on “[Favourites Friday] Dirty Dancing

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    1. Thanks, Scott 🙂

      So, I’ve done Footloose and Dirty Dancing, what can I look at next? I haven’t seen Flashdance so think I’ll have to watch it, see what I make of it.

  1. I’m sorry for you too… My grandmother is 81, and I want her to live basically forever ;).
    Dirty Dancing, a guilty pleasure indeed. I will always love this film, it’s the ultimate, perfect chick-flick, I guess.

  2. Sorry for your loss, Claire.

    Dirty Dancing is my favorite chick flick. It probably has a lot to do with my mother watching it tons while I was growing up, but there’s something hot in their passion for dance. Jennifer Grey was absolutely smokin’ sexy in this movie too. Every time I hear rumors of a remake I shudder deep inside a little.

    You’ve inspired me to write about some of my favorite films in review format. Thanks.

  3. My condolences, Claire.

    I never really watched Dirty Dancing (looks way too much like a chick flick), so really can’t comment much on it. Still not tempted to see it either…

  4. Sorry for your loss.

    Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite films – my friends and I used to rewind and watch the final scene over and over again trying to get the dance moves right. Impossible in our tiny living room.

    1. Thanks, Louise 🙂

      I think it’s the kind of film that you’ll enjoy as much when you’re 80 as when you were 20. It’s a great, simple story that’s lots of fun.

  5. I am very sorry for your loss Claire.

    I was forced to watch Dirty Dancing a few years ago for the first time by my wife. Way too much of a chick flick for me I’m afraid, but I can see how it’s the kind of film that you’d love, if you’ve grown up with it and like that kind of thing.

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