[Review] Starter for 10

Starter for 10 (2006)

Dir: Tom Vaughan
Starring:  James McAvoy, Rebecca Hall, Benedict Cumberbatch

Another movie that caught my eye on BBC iPlayer recently was Starter for 10, starring James McAvoy. Based on the book by David Nicholls – and adapted for the screen by Nicholls, too – Starter for 10 is about a young man, Brian (McAvoy), who is a veritable knowledge bank of information.

After starting at Bristol University, Brian auditions for the University Challenge quiz team. Brian, who is from Southend-on-Sea, uesd to watch Univesity Challenge with his father as a child and has been a fan ever since. He soon falls for his teammate, Alice, though sparks are also flying between him and his protest-loving friend, Rebecca.

Starter for 10 is a very enjoyable film. Definitely more than just a romcom, it is very witty and McAvoy is a great leading man.

The central theme to the plot is, of course, University Challenge. That is, after all, quite an odd thing to centre a film around! It does work, though. Because of this shared interest, all types of people are drawn together. From Alice Eve’s flirty, gorgeous Alice to Benedict Cumberbatch’s quiz-obsessed postgraduate with a score to settle.

It has a great, classic 80s soundtrack, too. How can I not enjoy packed full with all my favourite The Cure songs?


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    1. It is a very sweet film. Got some great Brit actors in it, too. You know with the digital switch over I now have freeview! Still nothing to watch though! 😛

      Ps I did a little comment editing 😛 But, how can you not like Colin Firth?!

  1. I saw this at the Chicago Film Festival in 2006. I remember liking it but I completely forgot Rebecca Hall was in it. I don’t think I knew who she was then.

    1. I’m not that familiar with Hall either. Apart from Starter for 10, I’ve also seen here in The Prestige and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

      It is a very sweet film and, like I said, something very odd to centre a movie around! 😛

  2. I’m going to see this with my girlfriends on our Girls’ Movie Night on Friday! Can’t wait to see it, I LOVE McAvoy and I have come to appreciate Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall. I’ll let you know what I think after I see it.

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