[Review] The Change-Up

The Change-Up (2011)

Dir: David Dobkin
Starring: Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds

The latest body swap comedy, The Change-Up stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds as best friends who live very different lives. While one is an exhausted family man on the verge of a partnership at his law firm, the other is a bachelor with a string of women on his speed dial. No prizes for guessing who plays who, Reynolds is, of course, the bachelor, Mitch. Bateman is the worn out family man/lawyer, Dave.

After a drunken night out, both men ending wishing for each other’s lives. After a magical moment in a fountain, they somehow swap bodies…

I saw The Change-Up at Empire Presents… BIG SCREEN a few weeks ago. I chose it because, after two days full of movie-related madness, I thought I’d appreciate a comedy that I could just switch off to and enjoy.

While the plot isn’t that original, I did enjoy The Change-Up. It is very, very rude, though. The opening scene, where one of Bateman’s children… erm… backfires, sets the tone for the rest of the film. They are cheap – and obvious – laughs but, it is entertaining. The more serious aspects of the story, however, don’t really sit right. Dave’s wife, played by Leslie Mann, believes she is neglected. Mann’s heartful emotion seems to be at odds with the rest of the film.

I’d recommend The Change-Up as a Saturday night flick with your friends.


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  1. Hey Claire, LOVE your new blog look, girl! Y’know, I have no interest in seeing this one despite the likable lead actors. I saw The Switch w/ Bateman and it looks like he’s just reprising the same type of roles.

    1. Hi Ruth, I actually had this theme a little while ago and kinda missed it!

      There have been a lot of body swap films hasn’t there? Freaky Friday has to be the best, I reckon.

      At the moment the only comedies I really love are ones with Paul Rudd – I love that man!

  2. Yes this sounds like a half-decent Sunday afternoon rental. Ryan Reynolds can do nothing right this year and I think studios should stop trying to force feed him to audience as a movie star.

    1. I just had to look up on IMDb which films I liked Ryan Reynolds in as I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head… That’s not a good sign! Even though I didn’t really rate the film, I liked Reynolds’ character in Adventureland.

  3. As you know I wasn’t really a great fan of this film. It has its good points, but also many many bad ones too…The Poop jokes and swearing get too much for my old ears!!

    1. Exactamondo, I think the film relied on too many crude jokes. It was entertaining as a ‘buddy movie’ but it didn’t bring anything new to the body swap genre.

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