Happy birthday, Harrison Ford!

Today – 13th July – is the 69th birthday of one of the coolest actors. Ever.

For some, he will forever be Rick Deckard. For others, he is Indiana Jones. For me, however, he will always be Han Solo. Don’t get me wrong, Deckard and Indy are two of my favourite characters but that loveable rogue Han just has the edge.

Anyway, back to the man behind the characters.

Ford was born in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from Maine East High School in Park Ridge, he attended Ripon College in Wisconsin. According to biographer Ed Stephan on IMDb, after dropping out of Ripon College he signed a Hollywood contract with Columbia and later Universal. Unhappy with the bit parts offered to him in movies and TV shows, he turned to a career in carpentry.

The legend goes that he was offered a role in 1973’s American Grafitti after building cabinets for George Lucas.

George Lucas will forever be synonymous with Ford. The pair worked together on American GrafittiStar Wars: Episode IV-VI and the Indiana Jones franchise. After working together on Star Wars, Lucas was reluctant to cast Ford as Han Solo. However, after first-choice Tom Selleck dropped out, Ford took on the role.

Ford is also known for roles in 1985’s Witness, 1992’s Patriot Games, 1993’s Patriot Games, 1997’s Air Force One and 2002’s K-19: The Widowmaker.

  • He will next be seen in Cowboys & Aliens, due to be released 19th August.

PS. Happy birthday greetings must also go to the wonderful Patrick Stewart, who is exactly two years older than Ford. Happy birthday!

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Harrison Ford!

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  1. Ford was one of my favorite actor growing up. I would eat up all his movies from Indiana Jones to Clear and Present Danger and The Fugitive. He hasn’t done anything noteworthy in a while but he was pretty hilarious in Morning Glory last year.

    1. He is a terrific actor – in his early days he was one of the best action-adventure stars.

      What do you reckon Cowboys & Aliens will be like? I will watch it but I’m still doubtful about the storyline…

      1. I’m really hoping for the best but it seems like it will just be focused on being an action movie with a cool high concept. The more I see about it, the less I anticipate it. I will still watch it though, for Harrison Ford 😉

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