First stills released of The Hobbit

Peter Jackson has shared the first production stills of The Hobbit with Entertainment Weekly.

Photo 1 sees Bilbo (Martin Freeman) in Bag End with a host of unexpected, Dwarven visitors. Photo 2 catches Gandalf deep in thought under a tree. Smoking his pipe, his trusty, pointed hat is near by. Photo 3 is another shot within, presumably, Bag End and is of Jackson and his leading hobbit deep in discussion.

• The first block of shooting has just finished. The total shoot is expected to last 254 days – 12 days short of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

3 thoughts on “First stills released of The Hobbit

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    1. Me too. After all the delays it’s great to see some photos. Looks very promising so far and, as you can see in the photo of Bilbo and the dwarves, they’re using props from LOTR. Brilliant!

      1. Yeah I know. The excitement is mounting. I’m just glad that Peter Jackson decided to direct the film. I think he’s a terrific filmmaker and with him at the helm the film will hopefully reach or surpass the standards set by the LOTR trilogy.

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