Cinema’s most adorable animals

I was having a look at Empire’s website when I stumbled upon this feature: 14 of Cinema’s Most Adorable Animals.

Being an animal lover, I decided to read on and see who was included.

The usual suspects are there – Lassie, Flipper and the puppies from 101 Dalmations – and I was very happy to see a favourite of mine made the list too.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you Farmer Arthur H. Hoggett and his pig, Babe.

Babe, released in 1995, is the story of a runt piglet won at a fair by Farmer Hoggett.

Babe is housed with Farmer Hoggett’s sheepdog, Fly, and her pups. Babe also forms a close relationship with other members of the farm including Ferdinand the duck who believes he is a rooster and Maa, an elderly sheep.

Babe displays some impressive skills around the farmyard like sorting the hens into groups. He also starts learning how to be a sheepdog…

When Babe came out I was seven. If I watched it tomorrow I think I’d still get the same level of enjoyment. It is a lovely story with some wonderful characters.

An animatronic pig and – according to IMDb – 48 real pigs were used to portray Babe. Those little piggies did their job well and it was nominated for seven Oscars including Best Director and Best Picture – it won Best Effects.

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