X-Men: First Class trailer featuring Professor X and Magneto

“Before he was Professor X… he was Charles.
Before he was Magneto… he was Erik

Last week the first trailer was released for X-Men: First Class which is due out in the UK  June 2nd. I am a big X-Men fan and I am really looking forward to this. Directed by Michael Vaughan, the film is the fifth installment in the X-Men series and is a prequel which focuses on the formative years of Xavier and Lensherr, the formation of the school and what happened to their relationship.

Who’s who in the cast

  • James McAvoy – Charles Xavier (Professor X)
  • Michael Fassbender – Erik Lensherr (Magneto)
  • Rose Byrne – Moira McTaggert
  • January Jones – Emma Frost
  • Jason Flemyng – Azazel
  • Nicholas Hoult – Hank McCoy (Beast)
  • Lucas Till – Alex Summers (Havok)
  • Zoe Kravitz – Angel
  • Jennifer Lawrence – Raven Darkholme (Mystique)

First look at First Class

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