So long 2010, hello 2011!

Just over a year ago I posted ‘So long 2009, hello 2010!‘ – a look back at 2009 and the decade. Did you know that the iPod was launched in October 2001 or that YouTube was founded in 2005? I also wrote that there are over 1.7 billion internet users across the world. Well, I clicked the link to the site where I found that information ( and guess what, the amount of internet users currently stands at 1.9 billion. Give it a year and I reckon that amount will stand at 2 billion.

So, 2010 and a few world events which made the headlines this year.

  • The devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.
  • The Eyjafjallajoekull eruption in Iceland.
  • Gulf of Mexico: one of the worst oil spills in history caused by an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon platform.
  • The General Election in May and the resulting Con-Lib Dem coalition government.
  • The 2010 Fifa World Cup held in South Africa.
  • Atacama Desert, Chile: the successful rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners.
  • The Wikileaks website was founded.
  • Protests in Athens and Bangkok.
  • Rangoon, Burma: the release from house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi.

I was glued to the television when the 33 trapped Chilean miners were rescued. Though I must have been about 10,000 miles away and didn’t know any of the miners, their families or rescue teams personally, I was overwhelmed by what I saw. For me, to see as many of the miners rescued as possible was compulsive viewing.

On a more personal level, I completed a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism and now work as an editorial assistant on a couple of hobby magazines. Compared to this time 10 years ago, I’m now, apparently, a fully fledged adult *gulp*. To be honest I can’t remember much about myself 10 years ago – I was a mere nipper of 12. That’s one thing I enjoy about writing a blog, it’s a sort-of online diary and I can, in a few clicks, find out what I was thinking X amount of time ago – well, as far back as September 2009 anyway.

Right, personal rambling about 2010 done. Now onto a spot of movie mediation and what happened in 2010 and the last decade.

To you all I wish a happy and healthy 2011.

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