Thursday night is Tron night

At midnight on the evening of Thursday 16th December I will have three film-related firsts. Admittedly, it’s not anything too exciting – I’m not meeting Leo DiCaprio or Kate Winslet – but I am excited nonetheless.

  1. I will be going to my first advance screening.
  2. I’ll be spending the wee early hours in a cinema.
  3. I’m seeing TRON: Legacy.

Like I said, these are not momentous events but I am excited.

No 1, I’ll just pretend that the advance screening is actually the premiere and there is a red carpet outside.

No 2, A late night might be a bit problematic. I’m aiming to get to the cinema for 11.30pm at the latest so what should I do before to keep myself from being sleepy? I have work at 9am the next morning and the Christmas party the following night. Hmm… tricky.

No 3, As excited as I am about seeing Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen and Garrett Hedlund, I can’t wait to hear the soundtrack. I’m expecting big things from Daft Punk and from what has been released already, it sounds GREAT.

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