First look: Jane Eyre


I really, really hope this will be released in the UK though, rather cryptically, there is currently only an American release date and it will only be released in ‘select’ cinemas.

My reasons why I want to see it are three-fold:
1. Though I have not read the book, I have seen theatrical performaces and other adaptations of Jane Eyre and thoroughly enjoyed them.
2. Her performance in Alice in Wonderland was great and I look forward to seeing Mia Wasikowska in something a little different.
3. I have a slight, ahem, crush on the lovely Michael Fassbender.

Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Brontë, is a fascinating story of a young woman who faces extreme challenges during her life, arguably the largest of which presents itself in the form of Edward Rochester. A mysterious and brooding character, Rochester and Jane have an intricate relationship.

This adaptation, from director Cary Fukunaga, promises to enleash the darker and more pyschological aspects of the story to the silver screen. The trailer looks intriguing and Rochester (Fassbender) looks slightly frightening and disturbed.

I can’t wait.

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