Favourites Friday – 300

“This is Sparta!”

300 (2006)

Director: Zack Snyder
Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Vincent Regan, David Wenham

I’m not sure whether, as a girl, I’m in the minority for enjoying this film. Sure, I know girls who have enjoyed the film but not many who would call it a favourite.

Simply put, 300 is not for everyone.

The usual complaints: It’s very violent / it’s not historically accurate.

Well, yes, it is violent but it is a 15 and did you honestly expect that it wouldn’t be? It is after all a retelling of an epic David vs. Goliath-style battle and so, naturally, there is going to be big action sequences and characters are going to be killed.

The film is adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novel and was shot using bluescreen technology to recreate the comic book feel. It is because of this that I don’t find 300 overtly violent. Let me explain it in another way, the blood isn’t ketchup red, it’s a very stylised maroon. Individual fights are extremely stylised – they’re slowed down and in some cases you can just about see the character’s abs rippling… *hot flush coming on*

Again, because it is adapted from Miller’s graphic novel I excuse its historical inaccuracies. Miller did do his homework and he did a good enough job for me. Zack Syder reportedly said in a BBC interview that 300 is, at its core, a fantasy film and that the film’s narrator, Dilios, is “a guy who knows how not to wreck a good story with truth”.

Take it as it is: a stylised testosterone-fulled battle with a fantastic soundtrack.

Image from legofenris‘s photostream.

2 thoughts on “Favourites Friday – 300

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  1. One of mine too – but I don’t know anyone else who even like it (except you now)! I like films that do what only films can do – create an imagery on the screen which is not just a realistic representation of the world as it is. I don’t just mean clever CGI effects, but something cleverer than that – playing with the medium to make a unique view of the real world.

    I liked Sin City for the same reason – the almost-but-not-animated look.

    A question – are there other films that do this that I have missed?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mike 🙂

      I like the way you’ve phrased it: “playing with the medium to make a unique view of the real world”. I think that the wolf looks fantastic. They’re scary creatures anyway when angry but this one is extra ferocious. The effects enhance what is naturally there, hence those washboard (and identical) abs!

      Sin City is brilliant, too. Imagine it without the colourization… It’s very difficult! Robert Rodriguez did a great job.

      Well, 300 and Sin City are very unique in the way they were shot. My better half has suggested A Scanner Darkly with Keanu Reeves. IWikipedia says: “The movie was filmed digitally and then animated using interpolated rotoscope over the original footage”. I’ve never watched it but I may track down a copy!

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