There’s no business like Snow Business

In July 2010, a chap who appeared on BBC Three’s Don’t Tell The Bride had a dream — to have a Winter wedding complete with snow and penguins. A bit ambitious to say the least but he did eventually pull it off. However, all credit must go to these people: Snow Business.

Snow Business has been dubbed ‘world leaders in artificial snow and winter effects’ and looking through its portfolio of work, its easy to see why. For 25 years Snow Business has been creating snow and winter effects for films, TV & advertising, corporate and live events worldwide.

Scroll down the ‘credits’ list on the Snow Business website and it reads like a who’s who in big action epics. From Gladiator to Alien vs. Predator via The Chronicles of Narnia, it certainly is a varied list. Take AVP, Snow Business created the blizzard conditions and it certainly did a good job. The snow that Snow Business use is made out of different materials (paper, foam or plastic) and the effects the team can create include settled snow cover, falling snow and icicles.

The other night I was watching The Holiday and guess what, Snow Business provided artificial snow for that too.

I am a big fan of maintaining ‘movie magic’, especially when it comes to my beloved Lord of the Rings, but looking through the Snow Business website and reading about the different types of snow effects is fascinating.

It’s also great to read that Snow Business has developed ‘fake snow that is totally natural’  — “When Snow Business were asked to work on an area that was especially sensitive (with rare plants and animals) they needed to provide realistic snow cover that wouldn’t harm the environment. With nothing existing fitting the criteria, the FX development team developed a wood pulp-based snow that was not only PH neutral but would breakdown into an organic fertilizer.” Great stuff.

If it gets to December 20th and there isn’t any snow, I know who to call.

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