Favourites Friday – Kill Bill

Kill Bill (2003, 2004)
(For the purpose of this post, I’m going to refer
to both parts as just ‘Kill Bill’.)

Directors: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah, David Carradine

While I wouldn’t say that it makes my top 5 films of all time, it is probably in the top 10 or so and Kill Bill is still a big favourite of mine. For a start, Uma Thurman is just so damn cool. Seriously, she’s wearing a yellow jumpsuit and some how doesn’t look stupid. She’s sassy and feisty and, keeping with the yellow theme, she’s a bit like Pikachu — pretty to look at but can pack one hell of a punch.

Apart from ass-kicking Uma, my favourite part of the film is the way it has been shot. In Kill Bill, Quentin has produced a feast for the eyes. Scenes are shot in normal colour, black and white, and cel-shaded animation. Quentin has created homages to other film genres including the Italian spaghetti westerns and the Hong Kong martial arts films. Watching the film the other night, my boyfriend did say one or two times: “Do you know why it’s been shot like that? Because it is a blah blah like blah blah”. I readily admit that I’m not an expert when it comes to film genres but I can appreciate that it is an excellent film put together by a real film buff and martial arts fan.

That’s another thing I like about the film — sure it’s gory and bloodthirsty but it’s a great revenge story. The Bride is the epitome of a woman scorned and her journey both pre and post-murder attempt are intriguing. In fact, each member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad has a great story to tell. From the Queen of the Toyko Underworld to a bouncer living in a trailer, these characters have lived interesting lives.

The final thing I love most about the film is the music. There are at least three melodies that I will just start whistling to myself and I can instantly remember the scene in which it is sung (or indeed whistled). Sign of a good film that, the music enhances the story and the acting.

3 thoughts on “Favourites Friday – Kill Bill

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  1. Those melodies really do lodge themselves firmly in your mind don’t they! Even though I haven’t watched the first Kill Bill film for about two years now, just visualising the film brings back that frightfully eerie whistling tune!

  2. Hey Hero Claire

    You seen ‘Moon’ yet? I know Andy Fletcher caught it the other week and was rather impressed…

    Non-Hero Gary

  3. This remains one of my Tarantino favorites. We in L.A. were lucky this year as QT showed the little seen (outside of the Caan film fest) ‘KILL BILL: The Whole Bloody Affair’ at his revival theatre (the New Beverly Cinema) last Spring. Hopefully, he convinced the studio (each screening was packed) that there was a market for this version (originally told as one long saga) and will release to disc. Still, seeing it in a packed theater of equally joyous fans was a once in a lifetime experience. I recommend film blogger Mr. Peel’s review for how this one plays compared to existing two-parter.

    Wonderful series, Claire. Thanks.

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