Ps… Other movies I saw in 2010

I’ve just clicked on Empire‘s homepage and a whole host of other summer movies came flooding back.

These are the other films I’ve watched this year at the cinema, in no particular order. As you will see, I have a very ecletic taste though I mostly go see action flicks with the odd romcom thrown in too. Horror films are usually a no no — I do not cope very well after the final credits have rolled and I’m now back in my dark, dark flat with who-knows-what under the bed…

I’ll update my list with a phrase or one sentence review when I’ve got a little more time.

3 thoughts on “Ps… Other movies I saw in 2010

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  1. You have to go and see Pirana when you get a chance Claire! I have a whole new appreciation for Kelly Brook’s…er…acting talent after seeing that film!

    Hope the new job is going ok. I start on Monday and it feel like I have about a million and one things to do before then! Pretty excited though all the same. Speak soon x

  2. Hi Claire! I’m curious to see what you thought about Scott Pilgram vs the World. I’m kind of over Michael Cera because he always seems to play whiney, pushover characters. But I’ve heard good things about this one and have been thinking about seeing it.

    1. Hi Julia, well… for me it was just okay, nothing too special. It looks fantastic – really good music and fun camera angles and effects – but at the end I was just a bit “Is that it?” I like comics and graphic novel adaptations but it didn’t really seem to go anyway or achieve anything for me. I’m over Michael Cera too, he seems to always play the same character! Hope that kinda helps 🙂

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