Would you want to own a piece of movie memorabilia?

Would you want a Stormtrooper costume?

Frodo’s ears — I’m sure they’d fetch a pretty penny. I’m sure Spock’s would too.

I’d love to have 007’s Aston Martin DB5 parked in my garage. If that wasn’t available, I’d happily settle for Mr Bean’s Mini.

The buying and selling of movie memorabilia is big business. Prices can vary tremendously, from a signed photograph for £15 to a life-size Tardis for £10,000. In the TV Film Memorabilia Annual 2010, it says that Christopher Lee’s cape from Dracula sold at auction for £26,400 in June 2009. Is that amount completely extravagant or completely justified?

I’m not sure where I stand when it comes to movie memorabilia. Of course it is completely your own choice — if you have the money and the desire to then go ahead, you can literally own a piece of movie magic. I’m not sure I would want to though.

Perhaps, that is the reason why I am hesitant — I don’t think I’d want to own Frodo’s ears because the Lord of the Rings trilogy are some of my favourite films and to me they are completely magical. Instead of owning the exact ears worn by Elijah Wood, I would rather have live them in the Weta workshop on a high untouchable pedestal of prop royalty. If the ears were on my bookcase sitting next to a photo of my parents, I think the magic would have gone a little.

Of course, it would be fantastic to go to a fancy dress party and wear the same costume worn by Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, that is if it fitted.

I admit that I do have replicas of the Evenstar necklace and the leaf brooch featured in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. That purely is because when I was younger I couldn’t get enough of the Lord of the Rings — seriously, I had a Legolas cut out, all the DVDs and soundtrack CDs, an Aragorn goblet, and the necklace and brooch on a Fellowship of the Ring DVD display stand. However, the Legolas cut out is now folded away and the DVD display stand is long gone. The necklace and brooch are safely stored away though.

Have a think, would you want to own Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit? How about Judy Garland’s ruby slippers? Would you want to own a movie prop or would you prefer to keep it far far away locked up in your imagination?

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