Back to basics: books and the gym

10am yesterday – New hair cut and I now have a blunt fridge, something which I haven’t had since I was about 15. After seven years of having near enough the same hair cut I decided it was time to give a blunt fringe another try. I’m not sure whether I like it just yet, bizarrely having a centre parting seems more strange to be than the new fringe…

11am until bedtime – LOTS of washing as I now have a washing machine and tumble dryer. I live in a flat and unfortunately tumble drying clothes is the only option. Played on the Xbox a bit too.

So, that was my first, admittedly very boring, Saturday without a nagging feeling that I should be doing something else. After 13 years of school education and four years of university, now that I have a real job I don’t have any homework that I should be getting on with in the evenings or weekends. This week I had two resits to do and my spare time for the last few weeks had been taken up by revision. This weekend has been wonderfully quiet and easy – I’ve done normal household jobs and also had some much-needed downtime.

If I pause to look back on the last 11 and a bit weeks since finishing my postgrad course, I have had quite an eventful time: several job interviews, got my first job in the journalistic world, went to the Glastonbury Festival, and moved house. I’ve just finished my 7th week at work and I’ve written my first article, breathed new life into a couple of websites, and been on four days out, including a trip to interview a glass maker.

10am today – Gym induction. I decided when I got my job that I would start going to the gym. I’m never had a gym membership before. A couple of summers ago I had a temporary one. I think I went three times… Now I can afford a gym membership and have a live-in gym buddy, I’ve decided to fit the gym into my weekly routine and aim to go three / four times a week, thus eclipsing my previously abismal gym record in just one week.

11.30am until about 10.30pm – I’ve just finished reading I heart New York by Lindsey Kelk, a book I got with Glamour a few weeks ago. A very easy read which makes you laugh, and, occasionally, cringe. I visited New York a few years back and I definitely want to go back, especially now I’m older and can appreciate what a fantastic city is is. I’m over the American drinking age too.

Apart from the gym, one thing I am going to do a lot more of is read. I started I heart New York yesterday and, as I traditionally do when I have a free day, stayed in bed until I finished it. I started reading The Time Traveller’s Wife in the weeks between my course finishing and going to Glastonbury. I reached a critical part and decided to wait to finish it until I had the time to just read and read until I finished it. Happily, that time is now. I also have a copy of Heavier Than Heaven: The Biography of Kurt Cobain which is on lone from my magazine’s advertising manager, Geoff, at work. A man obsessed with music, Geoff has promised to lend me other biographies of famous musicians.

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