The last 4 and a bit weeks

Unfortunately, this blog has been lying dormant for the past few weeks and I can only offer these reasons:

  • I have entered ‘proper adulthood’ (as my friend Mia described it) – I have taken the first step in my journalistic career, moved to the other side of the country, and my official title is now ‘Magazine and Online Sub-Editor’ (I have business cards!)
  • My new flat is yet to have an internet connection though come 9th August hopefully that will change
  • Private internet use is limited to an hour at lunch and, because I am usually very hungry / wanting a walk, I have only just managed to log on and scribble down a few words

I will endeavour to write a proper post next week, but for now let me tell you: I have rekindled my love of the Blackadder TV series — as an ex-student, I am slowly beginning to get used to 8am starts now I am in my fifth working week — Fable II has currently taken up residence in the Xbox in the flat. I cannot wait until Fable III is released in October – I have just started following @pmolyneux and @LionheadStudios on Twitter in anticipation.

Film wise, I recently saw: Predators and Eclipse. Eclipse I saw because I am a fan of the books and film series. I have to agree, though, with Tom Shone from the Daily Telegraph: “Rumour had it that Eclipse was the best of the bunch. Sad to say, that honour still belongs to the first film, with its unimprovable and entirely straight-faced contrast between the forces of eternal darkness and the rigors of high school.” Still, Eclipse is an entertaining and good watch.

Predators I really enjoyed, especially for the very realness of the characters’ reactions. I am a fan of Predator – he beats Alien any day – and have watched Predator, Predator 2 and AVP: Alien vs. Predator. All are enjoyable in their own fun / daft / far-fetched ways. Predators did not disappoint and it was everything I thought it would be and, like I said, I appreciated the realness of the characters’ reactions. If you’ve finally worked out that you’re pretty much f****d, then of course you’re going to say ‘f**k’ quite a few times!

Lastly, I gather that the San Diego Comic-Con was a huge triumph. After *jealously* reading the reports from Empire, Total Film and Cinematical, among others, I particularly enjoyed that Harrison Ford made his first Comic-Con appearance and that the whole cast of The Avengers descended on Hall H, much to the joy of assembled fans.

I have now hatched a cunning plan, I am going to either: a, start saving up so I can make the trip to Comic-Con 2011 or b, try to figure out how I can make it seem like a perfectly good business trip – one of my magazines does cater for film and comic news…

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