42 days: 6 exams, 1 job, 6 films

42 days ago I wrote my last blog post – a shockingly long time. In my defence, in those 42 days a lot has happened. I have finished the postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism at Cardiff University, watched a lot of True Blood and spent many hours playing Red Dead Redemption. I’ve also secured my first paid employment in the journalism world. As of 5 July 2010, I will be Features Writer on two magazines published by a magazine publisher specialising in niche targets. To say I am excited doesn’t quite cover it: this will be the first step in my journalistic career and I’m moving back to England to an area which I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve only been there three times; the first interview, the second interview and house-hunting. The area looks great, choc-a-bloc with high street shops and independent boutiques. Now I’ve got a flat sorted, I can’t wait to move there. Just got moving and Glastonbury to do first.

In between exams, interviews and driving up and down the UK, I’ve found time to watch quite a few movies. At the cinema I’ve seen The Losers, Letters to Juliet and Prince of Persia. On DVD I’ve watched Dear John, Crank: High Voltage and Adventureland. An eclectic mix wouldn’t you agree? I’m a fan of action films but catch me in a certain mood and I’ll want to watch a romcom or comedy instead. Horror is always a no-no though.

Starting with my cinema choices, The Losers is a fantastic film which does not deserve it’s 47% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is fast-paced, full of action and there is one scene in particularly which made me have such a large grin that it would outshine Wallace when eating his Wensleydale cheese. The scene is in the trailer and the comedy of Chris Evans together with the music choice is, in one word, brilliant. The plot is okay, not too strong, but it is an action flick. There’s guns aplenty and clever camera angles – who needs a seamless story?

Letters to Juliet was an Orange Wednesday outing with my mum and in her words, it was “enjoyable cheese”. Beautiful scenery + a sentimental storyline + characters acknowledging it is all rather cliche = a pleasant and nice way to spend 105 minutes.

Prince of Persia I went to see because of all the hype and simply because I wanted to see it. Mr Gyllenhaal did impress in his first major action film and his accent wasn’t too bad. The locations looked good and the stunts were exciting but, and it’s a big but, the film did nothing for me and I doubt I will ever want to watch it again. Jake and Gemma make a very pretty couple but thinking about it now, and I only saw it about three weeks ago, I can’t remember much of the plot or the characters names.

My DVD choices are usually because I never got round to seeing the film at the cinema or because it only cost £3 to buy from Blockbuster and that’s cheaper than actually buying something I really want. For me, Adventureland was a disappointment but Dear John was exactly what I hoped for: sweet and sentimental with an easy-to-follow storyline.

Something which I had previously never had a desire to watch was Crank: High Voltage. My boyfriend’s choice, I quite happily watched it too because I do rather like Mr Statham. Silly, full of action and not taking itself too seriously, Crank: High Voltage is very entertaining.

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  1. Thought it was about time that I checked your blog out! Congrats on the job and all that! I am back from traveling in two weeks and cant remember if you said whether you were going to be around or not before you move down south. Let me know!

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