A much-needed Spring awakening

“When one door closes, another opens.”

The sun is trying to shine and the daffodils are out so while it is extremely cliche I admit, this famous quote is on my mind. Inspiration and opportunity are two other things taking up space in my already cluttered my mind. The reason for my philosophical wonderings – my time at CJS is nearly over.

Today we were given our exam timetable for when we return to Cardiff at the beginning of May. By 4 June and two exams, four practical exams, a placement report, a feature project, a motoring report and presentation, and a magazine portfolio, it’ll all be over.

This is where the opportunity part comes in. I will have finished my postgraduate diploma and will hopefully be hearing back from job applications. Pretty scary, isn’t it? In a couple of months 30 maggers will be unleashed onto the magazine world and will start carving their own media careers.

It has been an exciting course and now that everything is winding down it’s time to reflect on what I’ve achieved. This blog for one. My Twitter account too. I’ve written articles on a range of subjects from Butetown and Cardiff Docks to how to make your Land Rover expendition worthy. I’ve written for online (remember alt:Cardiff?) and regularly pitched original feature ideas. I’ve helped make a magazine too.

Our class magazine, re:new, was definitely an experience. It was demanding at times but then there were moments of great exhilaration when I couldn’t wait to get started and design pages. If I had to do it all again there are some things I would have done differently, but then that’s the beauty of hindsight, isn’t it? For your viewing pleasure click here for re:new issue 1, issue 2 and issue 3.

We break up this week but before I can relax and carry on with my philosophical wonderings, I’m still working on my media law essay that is in for Friday. Everything else is done though which is why I have found time to write a new (and long-overdue) post. 

Next week work experience starts and again, there will be plenty of opportunities available. I’ve already undertaken work experience at Swansea Life but each team and each magazine is different and I’m looking forward to seeing the creative processes at Specialist, Mini Magazine and BBC Gardens Illustrated.

And where does inspiration fit in? Well, in a career sense all I have to do is pick up my favourite magazine from Tesco and marvel at the great design, bold colours and interesting articles. I can also pick up a not-so-good magazine and think “I can do better, just look at the amount of widows!”

On a more personal and emotional level, I was moved by Eddie Izzard’s marathon for Sport Relief which I recently caught on BBC iPlayer. His stubborn determination is something which I would like to develop in myself, though the magazine course has already greatly improved it.

Now back to media law and the busy five weeks that will commence from Monday (work experience) and the following four weeks after that (exams). Ah, the wind of change certainly is blowing and what music is getting me through my workload? Have a listen at Grooveshark to my playlist.

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  1. Good Luck! You might have to teach me some of these linking things… And I agree with you about Eddie Izzard, the whole thing was amazing. Still going to leave the whole running around Britain thing to him though! 🙂

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