The Birmingham (Post) connection

As I am a West Midlands native, when Joanna Geary started talking about how she had been applying for jobs at Birmingham-based newspapers after she graduated I really started paying (even closer) attention.

Joanna was talking about places and newspapers which I am familiar with, and it was nice to be reminded of home even though I am over 100 miles away.

A taste of home: The Birmingham Post

After originally being turned down by The Birmingham Post, Joanna eventually joined the team in 2003 as a business journalist. Primarily interested in online media, Joanna established a blogging platform for the Post which was a breakthrough in thinking for regional newspapers.

Together with blogger Pete Ashton, Joanna was part of the “Created in Birmingham” family which was a website designed to link together Birmingham’s artistic and creative communities.

Joanna also founded the “Birmingham Social Media Cafe” website where  people interested in social media can talk through their ideas and thoughts.
Praise for the Birmingham blogging community

This is a prime example of what we are being repeatedly told: Journalism is about people.

Joanna’s lecture appealed to me not only as a journalist student, but also because I knew about the newspapers she was talking about. At Joanna’s mention of “that Midlands Today presenter, Nick-something” I couldn’t help shouting out his full name, “Nick Owen!”

Local interest is definitely a key part in journalism.

My sense of self increases the more specific I am about where I’m from: I am British – I am English – I am from the West Midlands. Therefore, local interest stories about the West Midlands always catch my attention. This is why, as a part-Brummie, I will quite happily tell you that Birmingham has more canals than Venice.

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