Time to get a calendar…

I’m nearly at the end of the introduction week at Cardiff and I’m 100% sure about one thing: I need to buy a calendar.

I have always been very good at sticking to deadlines, be it for essays or articles. Whether it was the night before or the week before, I always got my work done. However, it suddenly dawned on me today during our last lecture that I am going to have much more work to do. Certainly more work than I did in my undergrad course. This undoubtedly means many more deadlines and my brain (and small pocket calendar) can only cope with so much.

Today I was set the task of coming up with ideas for articles to go on our alt:Cardiff website (please note that in time I will figure out how to do a link to the website!) I can cope with this one deadline but soon I will have work set for my other modules, and soon enough they will start piling up.

Hence you see my need for an upgrade. Come the weekend you will find me browsing the Cardiff shops trying to find a poster calendar big enough to sort my life out on. Birthdays, visits to / from the boyfriend, essay deadlines and exams will all be noted, and probably in different coloured pens or highlighters to make it that bit easier too.

So, wish me luck in my quest to find the perfect calendar.

Now this is my first blog done, and hopefully keeping this updated won’t be another thing to add to my calendar :]

One thought on “Time to get a calendar…

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  1. Yes I was thinking the same thing about calendars this morning – but only that I need one to keep a track of my spending! Funny that no matter what you’re doing in life, everyone always has something they need to keep track of – whether it’s finances, workload or even something relatively simple like losing weight. I think I’m going to get a nice blue pocket diary and then I can choose to either plan or just have a nice little note of how my day went 🙂

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