[Review] The White Tiger

India holds a special place in my heart. Having worked for an Indian company for just over three years, I visited the country around five-six times. While The White Tiger is mostly set in Dhanbad and Delhi, in the east and north of India respectively, the ways of life portrayed had many similarities with my beloved Mumbai,... Continue Reading →

[Review] Westworld

It is such a joy watching films released decades earlier and seeing whether their vision of the future came true. Westworld - written and directed by Crichton - gives a glimpse of a then near-future (1983) that I would have liked to have seen become a reality. A fully interactive, highly realistic amusement park sounds brilliant... Continue Reading →

[Review] Casablanca

Casablanca has an emotive plot, set against World War II and the impact it had on refugees and the ability to travel. The eclectic, multinational clientele of Rick's Bar reveals German officers rubbing shoulders with petty criminals and gamblers. After knowing the iconic lines "Here's looking at you, kid" and "Of all the gin joints in... Continue Reading →

[Review] Pieces of a Woman

Watch film - open Letterboxd app - log and rate film. After sleeping on it, I decided to change my initial four star review of Pieces of a Woman to three and a half stars. Those three stars belong to Vanessa Kirby thanks to her powerhouse performance as Martha, the young woman at the centre of... Continue Reading →

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